1. A Sea Lion lounges on the white side beach at Isla Santa Fé in the Galápagos Islands

  2. Fighting cocks on display for sale in the weekly Thursday market in the small town of Saquisilí, Ecuador.

  3. Participants in the annual waterfight fiesta hold up buckets to be refilled by residents spraying hoses down from their balconies in the Madrid barrio of Vallecas. 

  4. Zumbahua, Ecuador

  5. Masked Booby with newborn chick at Punta Suarez on Española (Hood) Island, Galápagos

  6. The biggest religious festival of the year in Quito is Good Friday’s Procesión de Jesus de Gran Poder, where hundreds of purple-robed, cone-hatted penitents amble through the streets of the Centro Histórico in a procession that both starts and ends at the Church of San Francisco.

    The Cucuruchos and Veronicas (as the robed men and women are called, respectively) are vastly out numbered by the hundreds of thousands of observers who line the streets, pack the plazas, and hang from balconies to watch the procession pass by and bear witness to the penitents’ devotion to their god. 

  7. Catholic penitents carry a large wooden cross through the streets of Quito’s Centro Historico during the Procesión de Jesus de Gran Poder on Good Friday.

  8. El Capitán

  9. Vallecas water fight, Madrid

  10. una estrelladita del mar